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       What our past students have to say...

Meeting Planning Boot Camp Course

"Sit back, relax but be ready to learn and be enlightened! This two day workshop covers everything you need to know regarding planning a meeting from start to finish.  Cathy and Mary are not only extremely knowledgeable, but are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you in order to prepare you in such topics as preplanning, negotiating, writing contracts, registrations, ordering food and beverage, and many others. This workshop also provided me with many great resources that I now use daily on both a business and personal level.  Thank you Cathy and Mary!"
Andrea Seifert

"The Meeting Planning Boot Camp gave me a wealth of new tools and techniques with which to manage events better immediately.  Especially valuable is the CD provided to take home with forms readily applicable to prepare for and implement any aspect.  I'm using it every day!  Kudos to the experts-Cathy and Mary don't hesitate to share their secrets for success in this extremely well-organized and intensive course. I really enjoyed the course and recommend it to everyone I know who handles meetings & events!"
Jeanne Elliott

Meeting Planning Boot Camp Webinar Course

"This course is exactly what I was looking for!!  I took a live one-on-one webinar with Cathy and Mary, and not only were they extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, they provided me with the tools I can immediately apply to my position as a meeting planner. Also, the Boot Camp meeting materials are so helpful; you will use them throughout your career. Thanks Cathy and Mary!!  You guys are the best!!"
Genevieve Branning


Meeting Planning Boot Camp Customized Course

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What our past students have to say...

"Meeting Planning Boot Camp is the best training I have ever received. Cathy and Mary are true professionals, and excellent teachers " Ellen Rosen


 "I  highly recommend any training by Cathy and Mary " Wendy Cobb


"Cathy and Mary did a good job presenting the CMP Study Group information and giving us little clues about how the test works.  I am very glad I took the class, and I passed!" Stacy Simpson, CMP